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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Manipulative and Powerful
Part I of II

Herman Cain’s new book coming in May, titled “They Think You’re Stupid,” is a great way to capture the politicians’ take about the constituents of this country. Soon, they will have to wake up to the fact that we are watching. I would say the reverse is true, but it is not. Politicians, especially on the left, are not ignorant; they just want to maintain their power. What a waste. There are so many more things in life worth striving for.

Liberal politicians know that the more people need them, the more they can control the citizens and their money. For example, we have now seen that the leftist politicians are fighting tooth and nail to keep their hands on YOUR money, like the FICA taxes that are taken out of your paycheck every week. They know that if the government no longer had that power, they could no longer use the phrase “If you elect them, they will take away your Social Security.” What a shame that would be; I’m not getting it anyway. Isn’t Social Security my retirement account? Not even close, especially since the government isn’t saving or investing anything, because it is going towards paying the current treasury deficit.

Another thing that politicians like to do is to not take a stand on anything, until they absolutely have to. That is why the people of this country need to continually let their representatives know what they are thinking. Just today, Mr. Kerry (Remember him), said "Where's the president's plan? We've been wasting these months on private accounts without any real discussion of solvency." Never mind that the Executive Branch of the US government does not legally come up with a bill. When did the legislative duty of the Congress escape the halls of the Capitol? Why does the other party dislike Bush’s “ownership society” ideas so much? It’s because they want to have ownership: ownership of YOUR life and ownership of YOUR money.

Social Security policies are certainly not the only place this comes into play. Many politicians are gripping tight to the idea that control can come from manipulating the current tax code. The lobbyists in Washington have a noose around the necks of the politicians because of the money that they “donate” every year, for giving their clients certain tax breaks and loopholes. That’s fine, right? No, because that puts more of the burden on you, for the excessive spending of the government.

So what do the politicians do to control the tax code? They continually tweak the code and tell the poor that they are looking out for them, when they do it. There is a plan to end all that. It is the FairTax. The FairTax plan is the single best tax reform policy ever to come across the floor in Washington. It is literally the most researched tax reform plan to date, with more than 75 legitimate economists recognizing it as the best plan.

Although they know that it is a great plan, most politicians still want to keep that control, but disguising it by telling everybody that the plan is horrible. On September 23, 2004, Rep. Rangel (D), Rep. Pelosi (D), Rep. Clyburn (D), and Rep. Spratt (D) released a report stating that the FairTax, among other false notions, would be a vast increase on middle-income taxpayers, particularly families with children, because it would repeal all tax deductions and credits that benefit families, including the child credit, and eliminate all progressivity from the tax code. Not only is all of this downright inaccurate, but they are intentionally misleading the people of this country; especially the most vulnerable – low-income families. Well, they must have a better idea, right? Wrong! They don’t have any suggestions, but continue to manipulate the poor and uneducated who don’t realize what or who they are really voting for.

Let us delve deeper into their report, the next time around, in the next few days. In the meantime, please visit, do your independent research, and contact your Congressperson, very soon. But remember, a national sales tax will not be fair, unless it is the FairTax.


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