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Saturday, July 09, 2005

A True Story

What you are about to read is a true story. I know it is, because happened to me.

I just got my annual pay raise. I got a $.74 per hour raise. I know that most people consider themselves lucky if they get $.25 an hour, but you have to remember that I've been working here for over twenty years. I have long said that you'll never get rich working for government, and the pay usually sucks to start with, but you stay with it and eventually, you'll start making a living wage.

I work two forty-hour weeks in one pay period. We’re paid 26 times per year. It takes a couple of extra steps to figure out how much per month I make if I need to know a monthly figure, but it’s not hard. Just multiply the pay figure by 26 then divide by 12. Close enough for government work, as we always say.

Anyway, seventy-four cents an hour comes to $59.20 a pay. My Federal payroll deductions went up $55.21 leaving me with a cool $3.99 per pay to spend however I choose. I'm talking about payroll deductions, FICA Regular and Medicare, and withholding taxes. None of my other deductions were effected.

Gee…I can buy an extra gallon and a half of gas every two weeks! Woo-hoo! $55.21 amounts to 93% of my raise. That's 93% that went to taxes. Am I mad? You bet I am. Had I not been a Fair Tax proponent before, I would be now.

Decisions. Decisions. What ever will I do with that extra $3.99 every two weeks?

Fair Tax all day, everyday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please keep in mind that this comment is coming from an avid fairtax supporter...

Enjoy your ability to openly comment on and criticize the FairTax while it lasts...AFFT wants to take that right away from you...

The Americans For Fair Taxation ( are on a mission to squash out any public criticism of the FairTax plan and are attempting to exploit the federal trademark system for the ADMITTED purpose of being able to shut down anti-FairTax websites during the upcoming elections. They have an open application to obtain a service mark for the word "FairTax." Genie Hayes, the communications director for AFFT, openly admitted that the goal of AFFT is to get this service mark and be able to yank any anti-FairTax websites as well as to have total control over any shirts, bumper stickers, or anything of that nature that is printed with the word FairTax. They are attempting to get the strong arm of the federal government to back them up in hindering free speech and open/honest debate.

The FairTax is promising to become a rather prominent issue in the upcoming Congressional elections--and if AFFT succeeds in obtaining this service mark, they are going to be in an excellent position to keep people from criticizing the FairTax Act.

The time for opposition to their application is fast approaching. I know that an application for a service mark can't be opposed just because the applicant's motive is unethical. However, I do believe that there is a very STRONG case that AFFT doesn't meet the legal requirements for obtaining a service mark. The strongest argument is all around us--the phrase "Fairtax" is SYNONYMOUS with H.R. 25 and the Fair Tax Plan.

Unfortunately, as it stands right now, I think they'll win their service mark and they'll be on the road to having the power to tell people that they cannot participate in public debate regarding H.R. 25. Perhaps, at least, the public will be informed of this attempt to filter open and honest critiques.

Thursday, August 10, 2006 3:59:00 PM

Blogger Sunnye T said...

Anonymous, you destroy your credibility by refusing to come out in the open. Anyone who argues any point and won't put his or her name on it is a coward who is probably lying.

Sunnye Tiedemann

Thursday, August 10, 2006 5:12:00 PM


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